We are all works of ART !

Not everyone will understand us, but those who do will never forget us. There is an Artist in all of us and we all express ourselves in different ways.It’s just that creativity takes courage….and once we let go, we get to see how Art can transmit joy, transform sorrow, change minds and heal hearts…….It is pure magic!


I am a self taught artist. I have not attended any fancy Art School. I never consider the lack of an Art Degree is a drawback. I have been creatively active since my early teens. My works are a constant search for the best ways to interpret the emotions, both external and internal influences in my life. Painting for me is an emotional outlet. It makes me both find and lose myself at the same time!

Custom Made Works

Owning a work of Art which moves you or takes you to a place of serenity is a welcome addition to any home.


Anandi's works are poignantly ethereal with an insightful meaning visible in every stroke.
Capt M Doraibabu, NM
Indian Navy
Anandi's works are vibrant and thought provoking aand beautifully created to perfection.
Art Director
( Ex G.S.of ACTADSI)
Always known Anandi as a self made and independent woman, and this strength of hers reflects,
Thotta Bhanujee
Art Director
Anandi is a unique artist. I have been seeing her works for the past 3 years. Her acrylic and mixed media works are lovely.
Sridhar Comaravalli
Anandi's works touches you deeply for sure! Isn't that what art is supposed to do? Expressions are pure and one can relate to his/her own emotions looking at her art.
Olga. S
Expressionist Anandi showcases feelings from the experiences of her life journey. Her work of art interacts on sharing a dialogue of predominant nature.
J.V.Sridhar Patnala
Artist/ Sculptor/ Asst.Professor
Dept of Fine Arts, K.L. University
I have always known Anandi as a person who has a great penchant for art. Her body of work is very impressive to say the least.
Satya Gundugola
International Medical Student recruiter
Hospitality Professional
Anandi's paintings have a unique style/ texture and colour treatment. Her works are a reflection of her own emotions and personality.
Mahesh Padmanabh
Artist/ Animator
Anandi,with her creative hands ,shares her paintings that speaks to us. As an Artiste myself i have known her as a very vulnerable,
Actor/ screenwriter



Old Works

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